Jessie Webster recently joined the Elite team as their new COO. Here she shares more about her role and vision.

What is your background and experience?
I started out as a hairdresser believe it or not but for the last 8 years, I have been in the renewable energy sector providing all types of customers with bespoke energy solutions.

I have had the pleasure of leading high performing sales teams, implementing new innovative products and services and business improvement initiatives across retail, operations, and customer services streams.

And most recently over the last 3 years I have been working with start- ups; building them from the ground up, which means I have had the opportunity and exposure in all different areas such as marketing, IT, strategy, operations, project management, channel management, and seeing all projects and processes to fruition. so, I am beyond excited to be able to leverage this experience in my new role at Elite.

What are you most passionate about?
Customers!! And making a difference.

Solving our customers energy pain points and providing them with a tailored energy solution that is backed by an unbiased and honest view. Providing them with the information they require to make an informed decision for their energy strategy whether it be for their home or business.

The renewable energy industry is a complex and saturated market which makes it all the more confusing for our customers, clients and channels. The team at Elite have incredible breadth of experience and I love being able to bring this knowledge to our customers and having complete confidence that we will be able to add value to their business or home.

What is your Role at Elite Solar Pro?
I am the chief operating officer of elite solar pro my role is to secure the functionality of the business to drive extensive and sustainable growth. Not only for our business but to our customers, community, and environment.

We provide industry leading solar energy solutions, and our focus is designing and building turnkey solutions for commercial, industrial, and small utility scale customers who care about Quality, Safety, and performance.

Why Elite Solar Pro?
I have worked in this space for a while now and have worked for some of the biggest utility companies within Australia and I have met and partnered with a lot of solar companies throughout my time; but Elite Solar Pro has always been my partner of choice.

Not only do the team have invaluable knowledge and experience but they are the most honest and down to earth people I have ever met, Elites workmanship is like no other in this industry the quality and their commitment to safety is unwavering and as I am passionate about putting customers at the heart of everything I do, I want to have complete confidence in my companies ability to do what we say we are going to do and provide the right outcomes and I have complete faith in Elite and I couldn’t be more proud to work for such and amazing organisation .
What is your vision for Elite over the next 12 months?

We are committed to becoming a trusted energy partner and developing strong relationships with our customers that deliver real value and quality outcomes.
In a saturated and ever-changing market, I see elite being the catalyst for setting the NEW industry standard when it comes to quality, safety and workmanship and connecting our customers to the right solution that tailored to their needs and budget.