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Power Purchase Agreements


Completely risk free and  100% Cash flow positive.

A PPA allows you to Enjoy the benefits of a solar system such as lower energy bills, reduced exposure to energy price volatility, green brand benefits and more  all while Preserving your Capital and leveraging someone else’s balance sheet.

A Power purchase agreement is essentially an agreement between two parties a party which generates electricity and a party looking to purchase electricity.  

The PPA Supplier takes full financial responsibility for the solar system including installation, maintenance and retains ownership of it.

The purchaser buys electricity generated by this system from the provider at agreed rates for and agreed term.

PPA’s appeal to businesses who…

Avoid the long term risk of owning and operating and energy asset.
With no upfront investment
Are committed to reducing their carbon foot print
Prefer an Off-Balance sheet asset
Want to lock in their energy costs at a fixed rate and start saving from day one

How Does it Work?

You only pay for the electricity we deliver, at a cheaper rate than you get from your energy retailer. We take care of everything and there are no upfront or other on-going costs to you.

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What our clients say

“This is a letter to state that ‘Elite Solar Pro’ solar installers are a preferred installer choice of Kingspan Energy on the eastern sea board of Australia. Paul McCabe and team have shown professionalism, demonstrable quality projects, an appreciation and understanding of our roofing systems.”

Kingspan, Kingspan

“Elite solar pro is one of our preferred delivery partners here at Ovida Business Energy Solutions. The team are Professional, Reliable and their workmanship is well above industry standards. “


“Thank You to Elite Solar Pro for the great work they did in installing our Solar System at Donwood Community Aged Care. Very friendly, helpful and competent in their work. Maintenance has been great also. Thank You”

Natasha Wilkinson

“Fantastic job. Mark and Paul were every efficient, easy to deal with and did a splendid job. We have 3 TESLA Powerwall2 batteries and even in winter some days were 70% self powered. Amazing. Would thoroughly recommend, amazing job. Thankyou.”

Richard McNeill
“We just had Citipower come out to do the final check on the solar system. They were extremely complimentary about the quality of the installation. It just supports our view on the workmanship of the team that installed the system.”

“I was referred to Elite Solar Pro by a family friend and have absolutely no qualms in furthering the recommendation process. When it came to solar, I found Paul Mc Cabe to be a virtual well of information which was highly appreciated. He was quick to respond in both, providing relevant information and meeting on site to touch base. The installation process was over a three day timeline due to the number of panels and I can only commend the team on their diligence during this period especially as two of those days were extremely hot (but hey, what a way to get a tan!).
Many thanks to Paul and the team from Elite Solar Pro – keep up the fantastic work.”

Jenny Tasevski , (Sunshine West)

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