Power purchase agreements are growing in popularity in Australia as a viable alternative to ‘grid sourced’ energy.

A PPA allows you to Enjoy the benefits of a solar system such as lower energy bills, reduced exposure to energy price volatility, green brand benefits and more,  all while Preserving your Capital and leveraging someone else’s balance sheet.

What Is a PPA ? 

A Power purchase agreement is essentially an agreement between two parties a party which generates electricity and a party looking to purchase electricity.  


The PPA Supplier takes full financial responsibility for the solar system including installation, maintenance and retains ownership of it.

The purchaser buys electricity generated by this system from the provider at agreed rates for and agreed term. 

Who do PPA’s Appeal too? 

PPA’s appeal to businesses who 

  • Want to lock in their energy costs at a fixed rate and start savings from day one
  • Prefer an off-balance sheet solution 
  • Want to ovoid the long-term risk of owning and operating an energy asset 
  • Are committed to reducing their carbon footprint 
  • Without investing their own capital.


How does it work? 

  • Your new solar system will be installed with no upfront cost
  • Our trusted PPA Provider will own. monitor, maintain and service the system for the agreed term
  • You pay for the electricity generated at the agreed rate.
  • At the end of the term you can offer to purchase the system out for as little as $1.