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Solar panels convert sunlight into electricity which is in DC (Direct Current) form, the Inverter converts the DC electricity to AC (Alternative Current) which can then be used in your home or business. Solar energy will offset your daytime energy needs, so it is important to ensure the system is sized correctly as oversizing a system can lead to a longer payback period

This depends on several factors, such as how much electricity you use, your load profile (how and when you use electricity), available roof space and how much you are willing to invest. You can contact one of our experts who will be able to tailor a system to suit your needs and maximise your return on investment.

Yes, Solar Power is one of the fastest growing energy efficiency initiatives across the country. Homeowner’s and organisations from almost every industry are adopting solar power to reduce their electricity expenditure and protecting themselves against future rising energy prices.

In a heavily saturated market, it can make it difficult to determine what products you should choose. Elite solar pro only stock solar PV

 panel and inverters that are approved by the Clean Energy Council, which is Australia’s peak body for clean energy which sets the highest standards in the industry.

Small- scale technology certificates are a government financial incentive for individuals and smalls businesses to help reduce the upfront costs when installing a solar system. STC’s are only eligible for systems below 100KW. The value of STC’s in based on your system size ad location, this amount is then deducted from the total system cost.

For systems greater than 100KW’s you may be able to benefit from LGC’s (Large Scale Generation Certificates), these certificates are created on a yearly basis and the value is dependant on the system size and location.

A feed in tariff is credit that you receive from your electricity retailer for any excess energy you produce that is not used and sent back to the grid. 

This will show as a credit on your electricity bill. Feed in tariff’s and how they are redeemed varies from state to state.

In most cases, getting solar power will help reduce your electricity bills in two ways. First, through reducing the amount of power you buy from the grid, and through the feed-in-tariff you receive for excess power you sell to the grid. The amount of electricity you save will depend upon a range of factors including the size of the system, whether the system has been installed in the optimal location and your individual electricity use patterns.

Yes, it does. Solar is the cleanest, greenest and most viable form of energy available. Generated by sunlight- solar energy does not produce carbon when it is created, making it a very sustainable and effective way to power your home or business. 

Yes. All our panels are come with a 10-year manufacturer’s warranty and a 25-year performance guarantee. The performance guarantee gives you peace of mind that your panels will performing no less than 80% for the life of the system.

Elite solar pro is also a Clean energy council approved solar retailer, and we warrant our workmanship of the entire system for 5 Years,

Because we are an industry leading solar and energy solutions EPC (Engineering, procurement and construction) company delivering the industries best services across the country. With an unwavering commitment to quality and a large portfolio, our focus is designing and building turnkey solutions for commercial, industrial and small utility scale customers who care about Quality, Safety and performance.

We are renowned for delivering commercial and utility projects to the highest standards  in a safe working environment and  with this core competency became  the partner of choice for several  large utility retailers.

On the back of strong relationships with customers, suppliers and partners, we have installed over 70MW across Vic, NSW, SA and QLD

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“This is a letter to state that ‘Elite Solar Pro’ solar installers are a preferred installer choice of Kingspan Energy on the eastern sea board of Australia. Paul McCabe and team have shown professionalism, demonstrable quality projects, an appreciation and understanding of our roofing systems.”

Kingspan, Kingspan

“Elite solar pro is one of our preferred delivery partners here at Ovida Business Energy Solutions. The team are Professional, Reliable and their workmanship is well above industry standards. “


“Thank You to Elite Solar Pro for the great work they did in installing our Solar System at Donwood Community Aged Care. Very friendly, helpful and competent in their work. Maintenance has been great also. Thank You”

Natasha Wilkinson

“Fantastic job. Mark and Paul were every efficient, easy to deal with and did a splendid job. We have 3 TESLA Powerwall2 batteries and even in winter some days were 70% self powered. Amazing. Would thoroughly recommend, amazing job. Thankyou.”

Richard McNeill
“We just had Citipower come out to do the final check on the solar system. They were extremely complimentary about the quality of the installation. It just supports our view on the workmanship of the team that installed the system.”

“I was referred to Elite Solar Pro by a family friend and have absolutely no qualms in furthering the recommendation process. When it came to solar, I found Paul Mc Cabe to be a virtual well of information which was highly appreciated. He was quick to respond in both, providing relevant information and meeting on site to touch base. The installation process was over a three day timeline due to the number of panels and I can only commend the team on their diligence during this period especially as two of those days were extremely hot (but hey, what a way to get a tan!).
Many thanks to Paul and the team from Elite Solar Pro – keep up the fantastic work.”

Jenny Tasevski , (Sunshine West)

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