Project Description

Donwood Community Aged Care


Donwood Community Aged Care is a not-for-profit and community-based organisation committed to providing residents with a safe, happy and comfortable home. Their goal is to build a thriving community for residents to continue to enjoy their community connections and partake in new experiences and relationships.


Elite Solar Pro were engaged to install a 99.825KW system on the curved Colourbond roof which consisted of 363 x 275W panels and x5 Fronius inverters.

We couldn’t be happier how this installation turned out and so did the CEO of Doonwood.

Here is what she had to say …..

“Thank You to Elite Solar Pro for the great work they did in installing our Solar System at Donwood Community Aged Care. Very friendly, helpful and competent in their work. Maintenance has been great also. Thank You”

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Croydon, Vic


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