Project Description

Nine Mile Fresh


Nine Mile apple packing and processing facility in South East Gippsland is one the most sophisticated operations of its type worldwide.

The high tech sorting, grading and packing system processes 150,000 kilograms of apples each day that are supplied by 50 growers across Victoria and Tasmania.


Innovation, fresh ideas and efficiencies is what excites Nine Mile that’s why smart commercial solar in partnership with Verdia where engaged to provide a solution that would provide them with affordable, reliable and sustainable power.

Nine Mile have a consistent consumption profile with base loads derived from consistent refrigeration and hi tech production lines.

We are happy to have worked alongside Smart Commercial Solar in delivering a turnkey solar PV System. The 1.14MW solar system installation with panel level performance monitoring achieved practical completion in less than 30 days!! Which has resulted

in helping cut onsite energy use by one- third and making a large dent in the food processor’s spiraling energy bills.

System Size

1140 KW


Tynong, Vic


Apple Packing